The Coronavirus does not effect this service .We have international contacts from around the globe and will be betting every day until UK racing is back in action soon.

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The only way you have come across this service is as a special invitation as one of our privileged customers. We do not advertise this service to the general public.

I get the best information because I pay the best price for it. This information combined with my strategy and staking plan will be your Guarantee of making handsome profits.


Every day there are punters trying to win money from the bookmaker, backing horses that can`t win and that get mullered. Don't let their money stay with the bookies, follow my advice and get your share of that mug money. Nothing will stop the mugs-backing these no hopers, you might as well benefit. 

Ever-Wondered Why Bookmakers Don’t Like Consistent Winning Punters?

I have some amazing information lined up shortly. I am giving you the chance to benefit from it Big Time for a small outlay. Multiplication is the name of the game. My method is simplicity itself; I will guide you every inch of the way.


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See my Complete Results for the last 8 months.

150 Bets produced 108 Winning Bets (72% winners!). We made our members tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds during this period to level stakes. Using my unique staking plan you can multiply this return tenfold using the bookmaker's money.


My Strategy will increase your betting bank by a factor of ten.

Yes! I'll increase your winning potential ten-fold.

Furthermore, because of the kind of races we will be betting in, I'll decrease your downside — cushioning you from losing runs.

Take advantage of the knowledge that I have amassed over the last few years. I'll guide you every inch of the way. I'll keep you in your comfort zone — because you will be betting well within your means. Gearing will ensure that when you win, you win big.

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Big Race Wins for Minimal Risk! 

With the high winning ratio of 70%+ winners that has been consistent over many years the risk factor is very low. We only back one or two horses each day (sometimes none) and winning runs of ten, twelve or fourteen are not unusual for our clients.

This is how we constantly foil the bookies. THE DOWNSIDE IS NEGLIGIBLE — THE POTENTIAL FOR WINNING IS IMMENSE, IT'S ONLY COMMON SENSE! I'll give you the edge every time. You only have to look at my past record to realise that there's only one way to bet.

The main thing you have to remember is to follow my advice to the letter. Once you join you must back my proven selections only, even if you feel that you must back other horses as well, it's absolutely important that you always make the academy bets your main bets. Otherwise you won't experience the euphoria of backing:

10 or 12 or 14 Winning Bets in a Row!

Look at my COMPLETE RESULTS for the last eight months. 108 winning bets from 150 bets.

We only left our money behind fourty-two times out of one hundred and fifty bets. This is the kind of betting that builds both confidence and a strong betting bank.

I want You to be a part of my long-term strategy


I'm making you the offer to join me for the next twelve months at an extremely reasonable price or trial my service on a monthly payment basis. My reasoning is that after this initial period you will, if you so wish continue to join me at a price commensurate with the profit you have already made. From my point of view, it's a sprat to catch a mackerel — from your point of view; it's a sardine to catch a whale. The thing you must not do is dilute my information with sub-standard tips that are ten a penny. You might think that by using sub-standard tips in conjunction with my strategy and staking plan that you will make even more money.

Please avoid this pit-fall, you are going to have the potential to make a lot of money, don't waste your time chasing rainbows; stick to my winning strategy and you'll find your money worries disappear. If we go a few days without a bet — relax. We are in the game to win — you will find that when there is better class racing we will be betting more often. Remember we are only involved when it suits us, not when it suits the bookmakers who would like you to back a horse in every race. I may not run the cheapest service, but I definitely run the best!


The best of the season is about to unfold before us — join me and take advantage of some of the most amazing information that's coming up. Look at my results for the last eight months….

From 150 bets 108 WON (72% Winners)

Remember nothing beats a winning strategy that's tenaciously adhered to.


Guard against over-confidence; don't fall into the trap of thinking that the money you win isn't quite real. It's the mistake that most gamblers make. I will tell you exactly when to invest; my amazing results are calculated at SP, in reality we invariably did better if you had shopped around for better prices.

That’s only part of it…………..

Complete Results – Last 8 Months


150 BETS

Profit to £100 Level Stakes

Profit using my unique staking strategy


Winning runs of....
Twelve, eight (twice), seven (twice),
six (six times), five etc etc
longest losing run just four!


This is no get rich quick scheme; this is an investment strategy for life. You only have to see the results above to see the quality of information our clients receive week after week.


These are my complete results for the last eight months with our information.

150 Bets and we only left our money with the bookies 42 times. The results are calculated at SP, we invariably did much better. Now that more and more bookmakers are available to bet with and offer better prices, my method and strategy is better than ever.


If you need to bet every day, you need help that I cannot give you; but if you are patient and can bet once or twice a week, then I definitely can help you achieve consistent profit at the bookmaker's expense.


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You only have to look at last year's results to realise this. Although I always calculate my prices at SP, much bigger prices have been available about my bets — and you can be sure that I will point you in the direction of exactly when to bet and the odds are in your favour not the bookmakers.


Let me do the donkeywork while you collect. Let's face it; I like the game so much I can't stop myself putting in a few hours each day in finding the answers before a race. Take advantage of my time as a race reader and a form judge to enhance your potential for winning.


Having spent the past few weeks practising what I preach (i.e. taking time off and enjoying the fruits of my labour!) — I'm back, refreshed and ready to take the bookies' money again!


This is your chance to be with me from the beginning of what is going to be my most profitable campaign ever!


The highlife is out there; those who are getting their share aren't particularly worried about you struggling on. Everybody is entitled to a good holiday every few months and sometime in the sun. That's my philosophy. When we have a winning streak and I take some time off, don't worry; I'll add that time to the end of the period you buy.


My formula works, and I won't be changing it. We'll keep coming back fresh and taking the bookie's money. I believe in living now — not sometime in the future.

Give me the chance to help you get your share of the abundant wealth that is out there.


As the famous quote goes:

"Seventy per cent of success in life is showing up!”

Will you show up?


My strategy keeps the bookies where they belong, between a rock and a very hard place. Resolve to follow my strategy and I'll turn you into a consistent winner....


My staking plan is second to none. Remember we rarely leave our money with the bookies. 108 winning bets from 150 in the last 8 months prove selectivity pays.




Clients had cause to celebrate last month,

When experiencing winning runs of 5, 6, and 11
A profit of £3765 was achieved for just

£100 Level Stakes.
Even More Profit using my staking plan!


My message is always short and to the point. My Staking Plan is simple and will explain it as we go along. Mine is a relaxed method of backing horses. You will be looking at having on average four to seven bets a week. They will always be WIN SINGLES.


You see…………..

My strategy is simplicity itself as are most great ideas


If you are involved with any other racing service, please keep a separate betting bank for The Insider Investment Academy bets; as when we are using my staking plan, we will be increasing our bets significantly. Something that is impossible if you lose the gains we make elsewhere. Give yourself every opportunity to win.


How do I get the bets? Insider Investment Academy records a daily message for members on special low cost line around 11am.You will access this information with your own unique four-digit pin code.
Calls cost just ten pence per minute from a BT landline. Mobile costs can vary. If there are any bets for the day, we will advise you of this at the very start of the message. The message is concise and informative. Its content is best suited to a telephone recording. An email or text message would be too short and as we work right up to message time; an email could be outdated and prone to delay
.We also provide you with the bets on a special webpage with your own passwords to access the best each day if you prefer to get your bets that way.






Membership will be restricted to only 50 applicants replying within 14 days of the offer. We may not be the cheapest but we can confidently say we think we are the best in the horse racing investment area! Many professionals use this service so we must be doing something right. Please don’t start with us unless you have at least £100 starting betting capital. If you do not have this amount this opportunity is probably not for you.

Recent testimonials

“Brilliant info time and time again I have never won so much money with your supreme network of contacts”

M Bartley, Warehouse Administrator from Leeds

“I had just given up on finding a genuine service. Thanks to joining Insider Investments this year I am finally in front” T Reynolds, Dentist, Nottingham

“...a thoroughly professional, disciplined, honest and profitable service" G Jones, Accountant, London

"...the only genuine service I have ever found" C Andrews, Gardener from Birmingham

"...Absolutely amazing- truly brilliant, finally a service that really does work" AS, Milton Keynes

"I used the selections you told me to for three weeks I made over £1600 in winning bets! It's the first time in that anyone has ever made me money from horse racing..." P Simpson, Plumber, Grimsby

“Thanks for the prompt delivery. Your service has exceeded my expectations by a long way. There is no waffle on the daily message” Mrs T Winters, Housewife from Newcastle

“My first month made me 34 points and £3400 banked thank you for everything “A Masters, Bristol


P.S What other service can get results like this for less than £20 a month? Nothing! We charge £1470 for lifetime membership. We know that’s a lot for the ordinary punter, so you can now pay by instalments with your profits (see application form). But please act quickly!


P.P.S Remember we only advertise this service once or twice a year. Once the 50 invitation places are taken you will have missed the boat and your chance has gone for another year.



“Why do our Competitors Guarantee their Advice for only 30 days? Do they know something about their advice that they are not telling you?”

I’m confident you’ll be delighted with the Insider selections. But what if you don’t like the service? Simple: just return your starter pack and we’ll refund your payment without any questions whatsoever! You can also CANCEL your payments at any time – just notify your bank. This is under your control, and we can’t access your account in any way. It’s your subscription and you can manage it as you see fit!                                                   

Sign up today for just £1……

Priority Reservation Certificate

Yes, I want to gain financial freedom and independence by investing in your secret information. Please enrol me on the Service. I am replying within 5 days to claim my free bonus gifts worth over £3,000.00.Plus Extra Bonus of a copy of my Legendary 36K Formula (£3,000 average monthly profit to £25 stakes!!).

I understand I am covered by your unique Lifetime Guarantee.



Alternaitve Payment Methods
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£1470 Lifetime membership

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